Driveline Surfacing Ltd is one of Great Yarmouth’s leading driveway installation companies. Our expert team specialises in Tar and Chip, Tarmac, Resin Bound and Block Paving solutions.


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    High Quality Driveway Surfaces in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

    Each project we undertake at Driveline Surfacing Ltd is unique. With a wide variety of materials and installation techniques available, there are infinite design possibilities. We will ensure you get the surface you envision, in a style that suits you and your property.

    Our team has years of experience and industry knowledge in installing driveways, paths and patios. We’ve constructed many driveways in Great Yarmouth and Norfolk, using techniques such as tarmac, tar and chip and block paving. Our team was one of the first resin bound installers in East Anglia, so this is also an option for a high quality and long lasting surface for your property.

    We also know that the secret to a long lasting, high quality surface depends on what’s below the surface. We do not cut corners and will spend time making sure that there is a firm foundation, effective drainage and access to utility conduits with every surface we install.

    Surfacing Options

    Driveways Great Yarmouth

    Block Paving

    Built on its own foundations, block paving can bear a lot of weight over its level surface. Also known as brick weave, it is a visually appealing surface as you can introduce patterns and designs. There are plenty of choices between sizes, colour and finish of the blocks, all of which can help you decide when we conduct a Free Site Survey. All drainage systems are incorporated into the design of block paving driveways, and provide you with a level, ergonomic and compliant surface.

    Driveways Great Yarmouth


    Is a durable surface suitable for large scale projects such as highways, runways and car parks. For residential properties, SMA is used as the material as it combines high quality aggregates with bitumen and cellulose fibres to dramatically reduce wear and tear. Tarmac driveways can also have edging installation to form a cohesive look with your property. A drainage system will also be installed with tarmac driveway to ensure adequate water run off.

    Driveways Great Yarmouth

    Tar and Chip

    Is a natural looking surface which is a more durable and safer option than loose gravel. A benefit of a tar and chip surface is the fact that it can be applied to a good existing surface. They are created using a combination of hot tar and natural aggregates that result in a driveway that requires very little maintenance. As tar and chip surfaces are impermeable, they again do require a drainage system which we can install for you. Tar and chip surfaces provide excellent traction as the aggregate is held in place by a bitumen layer, making it a safer choice for your property.

    Driveways Great Yarmouth

    Resin Bound

    Resin bound driveways are becoming increasingly popular due to their maintenance, look and installation. One of the main benefits above the other types of driveways is that resin bound driveways do not require a drainage system. They are SUDS compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Solution) which means the surface water can naturally drain away as its porous. Resin Bound driveways can also be applied over an existing surface, providing that it is in good condition. They are UV resistant, meaning the surface will stay bright, not fading in the sun providing you with a beautiful driveway for many years to come.

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