Here at Driveline Surfacing we have 25 years’ experience in the surface dressing industry. We cater for a wide range of sectors ranging from large road ways to residential driveways across the UK.


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    Professional Road Surface Dressing Contractors in Norfolk

    Road surface dressing is an essential road maintenance technique that involves the application of a layer of bituminous binder followed by a layer of aggregate. This procedure improves the road’s skid resistance and extends its lifespan by sealing minor cracks and preventing water ingress.

    Commonly used on both residential and main roads, surface dressing is a cost-effective and quick solution for maintaining road quality and safety.

    All surface dressing contracts carried out by Driveline Surfacing Ltd complies to road note 39. All bitumen emulsion used is C67BC hot applied road surface dressing emulsion or KE93P hot applied intermediate surface dressing emulsion. Cut back binders or lower bitumen content binders are not used.

    Based in Norwich, Norfolk we have been laying road surface dressing in Norfolk, Essex, Ipswich, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk for many years. Our team have impressive knowledge working as road surface dressing contractors.

    End your search for ‘Road surface contractors near me’ with Driveline surfacing LTD

    We cater for:

    • Private roadways
    • Stately homes
    • Farm roads
    • Private car parks
    • Residential driveways

    • Building developers
    • We subcontract for other companies
    • Bitumen sprayer and chipper hire with operator
    • Listed / heritage properties
    • Holidays parks
    • Foot paths
    • Nature reserves and charity land
    • Churches
    • Communal roadways
    • Shared Drives
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    Road Surface Dressing Contractors

    What are the Benefits of Road Surface Dressing?

    • Expands the life span of a old surface
    • Prevents further deterioration
    • Cost effective for large areas
    • Long lasting
    • Proven surfacing method all over the world
    • Can be applied directly on top of an old surface such as tarmac, concrete, road planings and hardcore.
    • Improves surface appearance
    • Fast installation
    • Minimal disruption

    Road Surface Dressing Gallery

    Why Choose Us For Your Road Surface Dressing In Norfolk?

    At Driveline Surfacing, we operate advanced combination sprayers, enabling us to cover extensive areas and offer competitive pricing.

    Our fleet includes modern tar sprayers, grab lorries, and tippers, making us equipped for contracts of any size.

    We manage all surfacing tasks in-house with our own machinery, allowing us to minimise costs as there’s no need to hire subcontractors.

    • Guaranteed to beat any surface dressing quotation
    • Free on-site surveys and advice
    • Nationwide coverage
    • We have over 25 years’ experience in Tar and chip surfacing

    • We do no sub contract any work out
    • Fully insured and qualified
    Road Surface Dressing Contractors

    What Our Road Surface Dressing Service Covers

    We carry out all preparation prior to Tar and stone application.

    • Kerbs and edging stones installed
    • Excavation and new sub bases installed
    • Waste removal
    • Road sweeping
    • Pot hole repair

    How is Surface Dressing Applicated?


    First step is ensuring the sub base is in good condition by ensuring this we repair all pot holes and imperfections.


    Remove all loose debris such as leaves and dust. We tend to use a mechanical sweeper on big areas this ensures our bitumen emulsion creates a good bond with the surface.


    Bitumen binder is applied to the surface at the correct coverage suitable. This is either applied using our combination spray bar for large areas such as roadways or our hand lance for smaller residential driveways or pathways. The bitumen binder is usually applied at 80 degrees Celsius.


    An aggregate of your choice is applied to the hot bitumen this creates a bond with the bitumen creating a hard surface. This can be applied using our chip spreader or can be done by hand using a gritting shovel depending on area size.


    Finally we roll the aggregate into the binder ensuring longevity this can be done using our ride on tandem roller or walk behind pedestrian roller. By rolling the aggregate this creates a greater bond between the bitumen and aggregate.

    We recommend two coats of Tar and stone on some applications are in house surveyors will recommend this if needed at the survey stage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Surface dressing is a cost-effective road maintenance method. It involves applying a bituminous binder and aggregate layer to a road. This improves skid resistance, seals minor cracks, and extends the road’s lifespan.

    There are several kinds of surface dressing:

    1. Single Dressing: For low-traffic roads.
    2. Double Dressing: For high-traffic areas.
    3. Slurry Sealing: Good for residential roads.
    4. Cape Sealing: Highly durable.
    5. FiberMat: For heavy-duty needs.

    Each type is suited for different road conditions and traffic volumes.


    The lifespan of a surface dressing can vary based on factors such as road conditions, traffic volume, and the quality of materials used. However, on average, a well-applied surface dressing can last between 7 to 10 years. Regular maintenance and prompt repair of any wear and tear can further extend its durability.

    Resurfacing involves applying a fresh layer of asphalt using a paving machine, followed by rolling it to create a smooth, resilient surface. On the other hand, surface dressing entails the spreading of bitumen followed by chippings on the current road surface.

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    Surface dressing stands as the most economical and eco-friendly solution for enhancing road skid resistance and sealing road surfaces. This method effectively blocks water penetration, aiding in the prevention of potholes from forming initially.

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    Whether you are looking for new driveway, patio, path or surfacing for a large open space then Driveline Surfacing Ltd has the right solution for you. Get in touch today for your free no obligation quote and consultation.
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