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    Welcome to Driveline Surfacing Ltd, Cambridgeshire

    As one of Cambridgeshire’s leading surface specialists, Driveline Surfacing Ltd, offers a wide range of surfacing solutions. If you are looking to update your residential driveway or would like to improve the finish of your business’s car park, then our expert team has the knowledge and experience to upgrade your surfaces.

    Resin Bound Driveways In Norfolk

    Resin Driveways In Cambridgeshire

    Throughout Cambridgeshire we have built up years of experience in resin driveways. With every project carried out with the precision and expertise for which we’re known, our experience includes modern resin driveways, resin patios and resin pathways.

    What our customers love about the resin bound driveways we lay is that they create a completely bespoke outdoor area, which is both unique and eye-catching. With more than 40 different natural aggregates, and a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, we are happy to help advise on design and finish, which are important factors in making sure we achieve the look you’re after. When it comes to installation we aim to complete within a single day, which isn’t achievable with traditional block paving or other such techniques.

    Resin bound driveways make for a very low maintenance surface with great benefits, including being durable and strong, with an anti-slip surface and an attractive finish. Resin bound surfaces are also popular because of their eco-friendly properties. As they are 100 percent porous, they are self-draining, which is a process that eliminates hazardous surface water.

    Resin Bound Installation Process
    Resin Bound Driveways In Norfolk

    A resin surface can be installed directly on top of almost any hard surface, providing that it’s in good condition, including asphalt, tarmac, patio slabs, block paving and concrete. In leaving the existing surface in place, and opting for a resin overlay system, you will save on the costs associated with removing a hard-landscaped surface. So it’s an economic option too.

    Resin Bound Colour Options

    Benefits of resin driveways, paths & patios

    If you are looking for resin driveways Norwich, Norfolk our solutions offer a number of benefits. The benefits are carried across when using Resin Bound for your patios, Paths and open spaces too. No planning permission required – Resin driveways, patios and paths are eco-friendly and anti-slip, as this permeable gravel allows rainwater to drain away and thus eliminates hazardous surface water. Which also means resin bound is suds compliant meaning no drainage is required. Wheelchair friendly – Resin bound surfaces offer a suitable solution for wheelchair users looking to improve their outdoor space.  A resin bound surface is one that is hard, smooth and seamless.  It can even be installed on wheelchair ramps to complete the look of your new driveway or patio. Variety of bespoke options – With over 24 different natural aggregates and a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, you can create a completely bespoke outdoor area that’s unique and eye-catching. Minimal Maintenance – with resin bound being very low maintenance with just an annual power wash required resin bound surface is very easy to maintain. Resin bound has minimal to no weed growth which is a perfect solution for someone looking for a easy maintenance outdoor solution. Natural Look – all aggregate used in resin surfaces is a 100% natural aggregate of the colour of your choice. This gives the traditional look but with no loose stones and less maintenance.

    Tar and Chip Surfacing In Cambridgeshire

    Specialising in tar and chip surfacing, we have carried out projects all over Cambridgeshire and its neighbouring counties. From driveways to farm roads to car parks, we have transformed areas for our customers, delivering a finish that meets exactly their requirements.

    We are extremely proud of the service we provide and of our years of experience, during which we’ve continued to build our reputation. Every single tar and chip surfacing project we undertake gets our full attention, and our professionalism and customer service have earnt us countless five-star reviews for our approach. We take our work seriously, because improving your home or business is the most important thing that we could do for you.

    In Cambridgeshire, a county blessed with both rural countryside and historic buildings, tar and chip really is well suited. The process is one that has been used for hundreds of years. As all-natural stone is used in tar and chip surfacing, it makes it the ideal option for a country feel, for both private properties and businesses.

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    Resin & Tarmac Driveways in Cambridgeshire

    Tar and chip driveways can be found at heritage properties and listed buildings and, in fact, it’s a popular choice across the whole of East Anglia. But it doesn’t cost the earth and is by far the most cost-effective surfacing technique.

    We confidently believe that we can instantly transform the area that you’d like to be surfaced. As well as our professional approach and years of experience, we offer two tar and chip finishes; a lovely light brown pea shingle, with a very natural appearance, or a high-quality grey granite that looks professional. We are happy to advise on what would best suit the area to be surfaced.

    How we do surface dressing

    To explain the process, firstly we prepare the surface ensuring no potholes or loose stones are visible, particularly working on areas where the existing surface has deteriorated over time. Then we cover the surface with an application of hot bitumen liquid tar, followed instantly with either the gold pea shingle – for that lovely natural look and country feel – or grey granite aggregate, which is a popular choice for commercial areas.

    Taking a huge amount of pride in our work, being extremely thorough in our preparation and only using the highest quality tar, means that your new surface will look great for years to come. From us you will get the most professional and efficient service throughout the job, as well as an end result of the very best quality.

    Tarmac In Cambridgeshire

    Is Cambridgeshire’s new favourite driveway surface tarmac?

    Tarmac has become the most popular surfacing technique on offer due to its outstanding durability and low cost. Replacing an outdated look with a beautifully smooth surface adds extra value and professionalism to any property, regardless of the size or design. It comes protected by our SMA to ensure a maximum life span, with added protection against adverse weather and general wear a tear.

    Get a driveway surface that supports the heavy load required by most modern-day properties today by giving us a call.

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    Resin & Tarmac Driveways in Cambridgeshire

    Tarmac with kerb appeal

    When it comes to a surface with kerb appeal, tarmac is definitely not the first suggestion to come to mind. After all, its main purpose was to surface roads, paths and car parks; surfaces need to be practical and robust, not attractive and inviting. However, tarmacs appearance can be transformed dramatically when a beautiful edging or entrance is installed, and this is what has led to tarmacs rapid spike in popularity for residential driveways.

    Block Paving Solutions In Cambridgeshire

    Block Paving, also known as brickweave, is a perfect surface solution for garden paths, patios, driveways and parking areas due to its thicker bricks providing a more stable surface.

    We have been installing block paving drives across Cambridgeshire for many years, providing customers across the county with a solution for their driveways. Our team has years of industry knowledge and experience, take a look at some of our previous works from our portfolio of satisfied clients to see how they can help you improve your spaces.

    As it can be laid in a range of different patterns and on various surfaces, block paving can add instant kerb appeal to your property.

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    Resin & Tarmac Driveways in Cambridgeshire

    Surface Dressing Contractors In Cambridgeshire

    To ensure we provide our customers with high quality surfaces, we use bitumen KE93P and C67BC, both are applied either hot or intermediate. Also, we do not use cut back binders or bitumen content binders. We will also make sure that your installation is compliant to the latest legislation, including road note 39.

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    • Expands the life span of a old surface
    • Prevents further deterioration
    • Cost effective for large areas
    • Long lasting
    • Proven surfacing method all over the world
    • Can be applied directly on top of an old surface such as tarmac, concrete, road planings and hardcore.
    • Improves surface appearance
    • Fast installation
    • Minimal disruption
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    Road Surface Dressing In Norfolk

    About us – We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to our customers. Our workmanship and industry knowledge has gained us a reputation that is renowned in the Cambridge surfacing industry and further afield. We reinvest in up to date machinery and techniques to support a wide and varied customer base including private home owners, local building developers and even agriculture.

    What we do – We provide a range of surfacing options including tar and chip, resin bound surfacing, block paving and traditional tarmac. If you are looking for the natural appearance of tar and chip or would prefer a low maintenance surface, Driveline Surfacing Ltd will install a durable and long lasting surface suited to your location and requirements.

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    Resin & Tarmac Driveways in Cambridgeshire
    Resin & Tarmac Driveways in Cambridgeshire
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