Driveline Surfacing Ltd is a leading surface installation company specialising in Tar and Chip, Resin Bound and Block Paving solutions in Norwich, Norfolk. Our team has many years of experience and will install a durable, safe surface for you and your property.


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    Surface Solutions In Norwich

    We offer a wide variety of surfacing options to make sure that we have the right solution for your new patio, path or driveway. All of our options are bespoke, and can be customized by changing the colour, size and shape of the aggregates. We can also incorporate patterns and designs creating a unique surface suited to you and your property.

    As one of the leading driveways specialists in Norwich, we know that the secret to a high quality surface lies beneath the surface. With all of our installations we will add all necessary drainage and apply the new surface over strong foundations. We also make sure that you still have access to utility conduits and manhole covers.

    Our team at Driveline Surfacing Ltd was one of the first installers of resin bound surfaces in Norwich and can offer you this highly popular install as an option for your surface. If you are unsure of which surface you would like, or would like to know more then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Surfacing Options

    Driveways Norwich

    Block Paving

    Block paving (brick weave) surfaces are installed on firm foundations, this results in a sturdy surface that can bear a lot of weight, perfect for driveways. They can be customised by choosing different block sizes, colours or finishes, and can even be arranged in patterns. Due to the way that they are installed, block paving surfaces are not permeable, meaning they do require a drainage system to either be in place or installed with the surface.

    Driveways Norwich


    Tarmac is a very popular option for large surfaces due to its low cost and durability. It can also be used on smaller residential properties and can form a cohesive look with the existing property by using edging blocks and kerbs. We only install tarmac surfaces using SMA materials, to provide you with the longest lasting and most durable surface from weather and wear and tear.

    Driveways Norwich

    Tar and Chip

    Tar and chip surfaces provide a natural looking, safer alternative to loose stone driveways. They require very little maintenance and are perfect for everyday use. They are created by pressing your chosen aggregate into a bitumen layer, keeping the stones in place. Due to the bitumen, tar and chip is a non permeable surface, meaning adequate drainage is required or needs to be installed.

    Driveways Norwich

    Resin Bound

    Resin bound surfaces are becoming increasingly popular as they are very low maintenance and require no drainage. You can choose between over 40 different natural aggregates meaning that you can customise to suit your home and taste.

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