Tar and chip surfacing, also known as tar bonded or surface dressing is a cost-effective surfacing solution for homeowners and commercial customers looking to transform an outdoor space on a budget. 

A tar and chip surface has a natural look that is in keeping with the beautiful East Anglian countryside.  It is a much more durable option than loose gravel and can withstand heavy usage over a long period of time. 

What exactly is a tar and chip surface?

A tar and chip surface is created using a combination of hot tar and natural aggregates.  Tar and chip surfacing has been a popular surfacing solution for many, many years.  It can be laid directly on top of an existing surface, providing it is in good repair, enabling the installation to be completed in just a single day.  If the existing surface is showing signs of deterioration, necessary repair work will need to be undertaken to prepare the surface for the tar and chip.     

The process of installing tar and chip takes skill and is not a suitable DIY job for someone who isn’t trained, so do not be tempted this at home.  A hot bitumen tar is applied to an existing surface to form an adhesive base and this is then immediately covered with 6mm gold pea shingle or 10mm grey granite aggregate, depending on the desired finish.    

Although a tar and chip surface looks impressive on its own, edging can really make it stand out!

What types of areas can benefit from a tar and chip surface?

Any area can be transformed using tar and chip, from private driveways and paths to larger commercial areas such as car parks and roads.

What about maintenance?

You will be pleased to hear that once installed, a tar and chip surface requires no maintenance as it does not suffer unwanted weed growth and it even has the ability to self-repair any small holes that may occasionally form.

The bottom line

If you are looking for a budget surface that can instantly transform your chosen area and withstand the test of time, a tar and chip surface will not disappoint.   


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