Resin bound driveways are increasing in popularity, especially in the East of England.  If you are wondering why resin should firmly form a part of your property improvement plan, here are seven great reasons to get you started.

Reason Number One – Cost Efficiency.

Unlike other surfacing solutions, resin bound can sometimes be installed on top of an existing driveway, providing it is in good repair.  By installing on top of an existing surface, your level of disruption will be minimal and you can relax in the knowledge that you will not incur any of the costs associated with removing a hard-landscaped surface.  You are already onto a winner solution!

Reason Number Two – Speedy Installation.

A resin bound surface can be installed in just a single day.  Yes, that’s right – a professional installer can transform your outdoor space in a matter of hours, dramatically improving the look and feel of your property overnight.

Reason Number Three – S.U.D.S. Compliance.

Firstly, allow us to explain what we mean by S.U.D.S. compliance.  S.U.D.S. is the abbreviation used for a ‘Sustainable Urban Drainage Solution’.  For a surface to be S.U.D.S. compliant, it must allow surface water to naturally drain away into the ground.  Resin bound is porous and therefore meets this requirement.  This is good news for those with a resin bound driveway because surface water can cause damage over time and is also a slip hazard. 

Reason Number Four – Weatherproof.

Have you experienced the disappointment of a hard-landscaped driveway cracking or fading over time?  Well, guess what?  You won’t have to worry about that problem with a resin bound driveway.  This is because resin is a flexible material that can withstand the British weather, including fluctuating temperatures.  Resin has UV resistance too, so you can be sure that your beautiful driveway will not suffer under the sun’s rays. 

Reason Number Five – Bespoke Options.

Natural aggregates offer people the opportunity to create a truly bespoke driveway.  This is because there are over 40 different natural aggregates available in a variety of colours and sizes.  You can choose a scheme that truly complements your property and feels like home.

Reason Number Six – Low Maintenance.

Whilst no installer can guarantee that your resin bound driveway will remain 100% weed and moss free, it will come very close.  As there is the possibility of seedlings establishing themselves on top of your driveway, an occasional brush or power wash will help keep your driveway at its best. 

Reason Number Seven – Long Guarantee.

Providing a professional installer is appointed, your resin bound driveway should come with a 10-year guarantee.  This is the minimum number of years your resin bound surface will last.  However, resin bound is so durable that many people can enjoy their driveway for 25+ years!

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